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Writings that the Main Stream Media wouldn’t touch:


Entry to the Washington Post “Autobiography as Haiku” contest (Feb. 2006).

For a while after _______ was born, I had hopes that she would
be the first person having Down syndrome to graduate from the
university where I teach.  With the tougher admissions standards
now in place, she didn't get in.

Sometimes I get to walk her from my office to her part-time job
at the dining hall a couple blocks away.  For those few minutes
I feel like a big man on campus - walking and chatting with the
cutest 22-year-old at Mr. Jefferson's University!



Editor, Newsweek Magazine:                                                                                                                                      5/23/2008

My oldest daughter, now a married and accomplished young woman with multiple graduate degrees, once told my wife and me that one of our best parenting moves was NOT subscribing to anything beyond basic TV cable service.  That way she and her two younger sisters weren't corrupted by watching MTV, HBO, etc.

Yesterday our youngest daughter, age 25 and an avid Newsweek reader who happens to have Down syndrome, told us excitedly that there was something about DS in this week's issue.  (She grabs Newsweek out of the mail each week before we get to read it and keeps a whole year's worth of back issues neatly stacked by month in her room!)  It took me a long time to find it (by this time she had gone to bed), but there in the middle of your  "Sex and the City" movie article (which I wouldn't otherwise have read) was a reference to DS.  It wasn't exactly a positive comment, and I certainly hope that the references to that show's "enduring legacy” discussed in the next paragraph went over her head.

Perhaps some SATC fans would find more fulfillment getting to know someone with DS rather than shopping for shoes (which I gather at least part of that show was about).  And Newsweek's editors ought to consider the feelings of ALL their readers, including those having DS.



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