The prints in the MEC 339 Aviation Art collection may be viewed in chronological order by selecting from the first four buttons below.   You can also select "VR Tour" in which case (provided you have the Quicktime VR plug-in installed on your computer), you will find yourself standing in the middle of MEC 339!  You can zoom in on any of the paintings, click and will find a larger image and written description.   For those familiar with MEC 339 prior to its renovation in 1994, the view above is from the new instructor's console.  The blackboard formerly was on the wall seen in the right background.   

The acquisition of the aviation art prints was made possible by the contributions of alumni, friends and faculty, and we are most appreciative of their help! Our next project, a collection of Space Art - from the Mercury program through the Space Shuttle and beyond - for display in newly-renovated MEC 205 was completed in May 2002. A QTVR tour of that room with the 23 pieces installed may be seen by clicking here.  MEC 205 was renovated again in the summer of 2009.  Pictures of the new configuration may be viewed here, here, here and here.   Since the original installation we have added four items that were flown in space with alumni-astronauts. 

QTVR movies of the five other rooms in the ITC/MEC technology classroom cluster may be viewed by clicking here. The virtual tour of MEC 339 was constructed by Will Rourk, of the Digital Media Lab of the Robertson Media Center in Clemons Library. To learn what we do in these new facilities (at least in one of this correspondent's classes), click here.  

 Early Flight 

 Golden Age 

 War Years 

 Post War 

 VR Tour 

Brand New Addition!
Jefferson's Wish, an original watercolor by Technology, Culture and Communications Professor Emeritus Luther Y. Gore. For a biography of the addressee of Mr. Jefferson's letter, click here.

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