Troy, South Dakota

CountyZip CodeElevationPopulation
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Major Highways
Grant57263 ft./102002Co Rd 11 & 467 Ave
Apparently, Troy, South Dakota was founded as a stage coach stop. This would fit with the directions given by a local man who said that Troy was mostly a horse farm. Perhaps the people running the horse farm are waiting for the stagecoach to arrive.
A description of a stage coach trip can be found here. More information on the Overland Stage can be found here; and information on the Wells Fargo Stagecoach can be found here.
The only sign indicating a "town" or settlement is this sign on the curve warning sign. It is possible to reach Troy SD on paved roads. Take I29 North from Watertown to the SD 20 exit. Go East to Stockholm and turn right through Stockholm. Continue for about 4.5 mi to a "T" intersection. A left turn takes you to Stroudburg; a right turn takes you to Troy about 5 miles away. The nearest town with a Post Office is South Shore (Zip code 57263) which is between Stockholm and I29. The area around Troy was settled by some people of Norwegian descent.
A small house near the "Stage Coach Stop" sign.
A house near the "Stage Coach Stop" sign.
A farm house and barn near the "Troy" sign. The house does not appear to be inhabited. Nearby is a farm house that appears to be inhabited but not in good shape and this fits with the description of a horse farm at Troy. We were reluctant to bother the occupants.

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