Troy, Oregon

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Wallowa /302001West of SR 3
We reached Troy OR by taking the road to Flora OR from SR 3 in the Northeast corner of Oregon. Although the road was indicated on the map as paved all the way to Troy, the road became gravel and then one lane as it descended down from the mesa to the level of the Grande Ronde River. The road was both steep and narrow and I doubt that I could have turned around or allowed another vehicle to pass by. Luckily, there isn't much traffic on that road. We left Troy by the road that follows the Grande Rondo River out to Washington SR 129. The map indicated that this road was not paved but it was mostly paved and was wide enough to handle two-way traffic. I received an e-mail with the story of another family's visit to Troy OR and an e-mail recounting a bicycle trip through NE Oregon. I found a picture of one of the roads to Troy on the web site of the Wallowa County Librarian; Troy, OR, is visited by a bookmobile! I also found another visitor to the Troy area who put up a web page about his adventure: A Weekend in Misery, and Horrible, too (see the end of the story).

The "City Limit" sign on the East side of Troy OR. The sign on the West end of town looks just like it (see picture below).
The main business area of Troy OR consists of the Shilo Inn Lodge, Cafe, and RV Park. There are a few houses near the Shilo Inn but the permanent population must be about 25 to 30. The Shilo Inn property seems to be for sale.
According to the web, John Fogerty lived near Troy OR at one time.
We stopped in at the Shilo Inn Cafe for a snack and recovery stop after our rather taxing drive down to the town.
Troy OR can best be described as a village for hunters and fishermen. It is located where the Wenaha River (shown to the left) meets with the Grande Ronde River (shown below). The Zeller Resort is located about a mile south of town.
This bridge spans the Grande Ronde River at Troy OR. This river flows into the Snake River at the North end of the Hells Canyon National Recreational Area.
Map of Troy OR
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Mt. Misery Relay Race (how appropriate that it ended in Troy, Oregon)
Blue Mountain Adventure Co.
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