Current Projects

Next-Generation Modeling of Corrosion Damage Evolution

(with Prof. D. E. Brown, SIE)

We seek to develop a corrosion damage evolution model using state-of-the-art statistical analyses and probabilistic modeling methods.  The evolution model is decomposed into a corrosion initiation model and a corrosion growth model.  Each component model will account for the inherent temporal, spatial, and feature effects that govern the initiation and growth of corrosion.  This three-dimensional, probabilistic corrosion damage model will use rate descriptions from experimental measurements as inputs.  Outputs will be maps of corrosion damage as a function of exposure time, and will include calculated confidence levels for material damage.  Such maps can be used as input to life prediction or condition-based maintenance codes to increase the safety of structures and the efficiency of repair and replacement decisions.  Validation of the model by comparison to experimental data will be performed.

Most Recent Progress Presentation (August 06) [11 Mb pdf]