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Picture of R. G. Kelly   Robert G. Kelly


    Materials Science and Engineering 

    University of Virginia

     Co-Director, Center for Electrochemical Science and Engineering

During his career, Prof. Kelly and his students/post-docs have investigated a wide variety of electrochemical and corrosion phenomena as well as methods to probe the controlling processes.  The group’s current work focuses on aging aircraft, multi-scale modeling of corrosion, occluded region corrosion, and atmospheric corrosion.   In addition to the technical work, Prof. Kelly focuses on the professional development of his post-docs and student colleagues.  His
Graduate Student Handbook describes his approach to mentoring as well as a documentation of processes his group uses rather than reinventing them each time.  The alumni include 8 PDRA (post-doctoral research associates), 11 Ph.D., 14 M.S. and 17 URA (undergraduate research assistants) who now work at national and governmental laboratories, industrial research and development centers, and universities.

Areas of Research Interest