Materials Science and Engineering

The purpose of this distance learning program is to provide graduate level instruction in Materials Science and Engineering to industrial personnel throughout the State of Virginia and to selected sites outside Virginia. Televised courses may be taken either for credit leading to a Master of Materials Science and Engineering (MMSE) degree or for general information.

The courses are taught live in Charlottesville in the late afternoon or early evening to graduate students at UVA and televised simultaneously via video conferencing to special sites in Virginia as well as out of state. Two-way video and audio communication is maintained during the lectures so that the students have direct interaction with the classroom. The lectures are video recorded and each site is provided with equipment so that any student who must miss a regularly scheduled class due to job commitments can view the lecture later.

Applicants for the MMSE Degree program must have a Bachelor's Degree in engineering or related fields from a recognized college or university. Each applicant is required to submit a copy of GRE test scores, official transcripts and three references. The application process is on-going, but applications must be completed by the end of the first semester of study. For more information on the admission requirements and procedures click here.

Degree Requirements
Plan of Study

A faculty advisor is available to provide assistance in the selection of courses which will constitute an approved plan of study. A plan of study should be submitted by mid-term of the second semester and has to be approved by the faculty advisor. The plan can be altered later if program changes are made.

A program of studies leading to the MMSE degree must include four "core" courses:

  1. Thermodynamics of Materials (MSE 623)
  2. Materials Structure and Defects (MSE 601)
  3. Kinetics of Solid State Reactions (MSE 624)
  4. One out of four Properties/Characterization Courses
Students without an undergraduate degree in MSE are encouraged to take a two-course sequence that reviews the basics of materials science: A graduate student with an undergraduate degree in MSE will not be credited for taking MSE 605/606 unless he/she and the TV faculty advisor petition the MSE Curriculum Committee with an explanation of why these basic courses are needed.

The core courses (except for MSE 602) and MSE 605/606 courses are repeated every three years.

The following courses are offered on an irregular basis, once per 5-6 years.

Recommended sequence of courses: MSE 605/606 before other courses (for students without an undergraduate degree in MSE); from MSE 623 to MSE 624; from MSE 623 to MSE 734; from MSE 608 to MSE 771; from MSE 532 to MSE 731 to MSE 732; from MSE 623 & MSE 601 to MSE 602 In cases when it is not possible to take courses in the suggested order, student should contact instructor for permission and information on the background reading materials that can help to prepare for the course.

Materials Science & Engineering Course Descriptions

Five-Year Schedule of Courses

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