Civil Engineering

I. General Comments

The extended graduate education program of the Civil Engineering & Applied Mechanics Department at the University of Virginia is a five-year program leading toward the Master of Engineering (ME) degree with an emphasis in structural mechanics and/or structural design.

A tentative program is presented in this document. Students beginning study in a given year can schedule their courses appropriately, after consultation with an academic advisor. Typically, the University of Virginia requires certain minimal background for students pursuing Master's degrees. This includes:

  1. A course in partial differential equations; e.g. MATH 517-518 (VCU), or MATH 501-502 (ODU)

  2. CE 601, Advanced Mechanics of Materials

  3. A course in Finite Element Analysis; e.g., CE 671 or CE 773, depending on the student's background

  4. For students pursuing the design option, a minimum of one structural design course

  5. A concentration of courses within the area of structural mechanics, or structural design.

Students wishing to obtain a strong structural design flavor in their graduate program will probably want to take as many of the offered design courses as possible. These students should also consider any courses in Geotechnical Engineering which may be offered by Virginia Tech as part of the Commonwealth program. Students located in the Tidewater area may wish to consider courses offered by Old Dominion University as part of their program of study.

Students wishing to obtain mechanics oriented master's degrees may want to substitute additional math courses from the appropriate participating university. These should be approved by the faculty advisor for the program in advance. Additional mechanics courses available to students include MAE 541 or MSE 732 (UVA). In addition, students may wish to consider mechanics courses offered by the Engineering Science and Mechanics Department at Virginia Tech. Students located in the Tidewater area may wish to consider mechanics oriented courses offered by the Mechanical Engineering Department at Old Dominion University as part of their program.

II. Tentative Programs

III. Suggested Course Alternatives

Civil Engineering Course Descriptions - These are brief descriptions of the courses which will typically be offered under the program. Additional courses may also be announced as it becomes feasible to offer them.

Five-Year Schedule of Courses.

Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program

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