Online Physics Simulations

Amusement Park Physics

  • Talks about physics in relation to amusement park rides.
  • Best for interaction are the roller coaster and bumper cars.

Explore Science

  • A site of on-line simulations. 30 day trial demo available.

Fear of Physics

  • 21 simulations: speed and acceleration; collisions; roller coasters; cart throws ball; sun, earth, moon; things that spin; sound; Einstein's relativity; ball on string; atoms; friction; falling objects; satellites; make your jump shot; seesaws; throwing and dropping objects; swinging pendulums; the Doppler effect; zero gravity; shake it; and strange writings.
  • Each simulation has some type of explanation underneath.

Fowler's Physics Applets

  • Has applets on Projectile motion, Two Dimensional Collisions, Newton's Cannon and many others, however, not all apply to the high school level.
  • You do not need to download the applets to view them. Just click on the applet name to view.

Interactive Physics with Java

  • Java applets include: single slit diffraction; image formation by a converging lens, a diverging lens and a diverging mirror;induced current; total internal reflection; bouncing ball; spring pendulum using Newton's 2nd Law; the pendulum; 2 and 4 resistor circuits; light dispersion and more.
  • Some pages include a little explanation along with equations.

Interactive Plasma Physics Education Experience (IPPEX)

  • Has simulations on Matter, Electricity and Magnetism, Energy and Fusion.
  • This is more like an online power point. Gives explanation and there a little bit of interaction.
  • Need to have Shockwave plug-in to view.

Java 1.1 Applets on Physics or Java 1.4 Applets on Physics

  • For the first link you'll need Java 1.1 or higher and for the second link you'll need Java 1.4 or higher. The Java 1.4 link is updated with new applets on a fairly regular basis.
  • Applets organized into the following sections: Mechanics, Oscillations and Waves, Electrodynamics, Optics, Thermodynamics, Theory of Relativity, Physics of Atoms, and Nuclear Physics
  • Each applet usually contains some explanation and directions.
  • SPECIAL NOTE -- website consists of bright neon colors!

Kepler's 2nd Law

  • Brief discussion of Kepler's 2nd Law
  • Applet opens as pop up when go to this site.


  • A site for downloadable Java Applet simulations from Davidson University

Physics 2000

It has 3 different sections of interactive physics: Einstein's Legacy, Atomic Lab and Science Trek. Each section consists of explanations and simulations.

  • Einstein's Legacy includes topics on X-Rays, CAT Scans, Microwave Ovens, Lasers, TV Screens, and Laptop Screens.
  • The Atomic Lab inclusdes topics on Interference Experiments and Bose-Einstein Condensation.
  • The Science Trek includes topics on Electromagnetic Waves and Particles, Quantom Atom, Polarization, Elements as Atoms, The Periodic Table, and Isotopes and Radioactivity.

Physics Applets by University of Oregon Department of Physics

  • Physics Applets include categories in: Astrophysics, Energy and Environment, Mechanics, and Thermodynamics.
  • There are 36 applets in all. There are instructions for operating each applet.

Physics Applets Menu

  • Has interactive physics in the following areas: Kinematics,Optics, Electricity, Waves and Oscillations, and Thermodynamics.
  • All applets have directions on how to use them, however, there are only a few applets that have physics explanations.
  • Need to have Shockwave plug-in to view.

The Pendulum Lab

  • Has 5 different pendulum labs.
  • Has animated pendulum plus oscilloscope.
  • Has thorough directions on how to use program.

Wave Optics for Internet

  • The applet is a double slit experiment, where a single source is split in two, to generate two coherent sources.