Log In Instructions

UVa Email

You must activate your UVa email since all correspondence will be through your UVa email address. You will be automatically assigned a username and password for your UVa email after you have registered for Phys 605. Please click here for instructions on setting up your UVa email account.


After I get confirmation from the School of Continuing and Professional Studies that you have registered, I will set up a user name and password on WebAssign for you. I will notify you by your personal email and you will be able to log on to WebAssign. You then must learn how to submit homework by taking the "test" on Webassign that teaches you how to use the system. Click here to log on to WebAssign. Now click on the red Log in button on the left of the page. I have changed your previous usernames to conform to your UVa email. Your username is now the same as your UVa email username and I set your password to the same as your username. You may reset your password after you logon.

Example of username and password for WebAssign:
UVa email: jas2g@virginia.edu
WebAssign username: jas2g
Institution: virginia
Password: jas2g


After you have activated your email address, you must obtain your username and password to use features of Blackboard at UVa. Blackboard will be used as a discussion board/listserve for discussion about homework problems and lecture. Please click here to logon to Blackboard. Then click on the Login in the upper left hand corner of the page. Your Blackboard username is the same as your UVa email username. Your password is the first initial of first name, first initial of last name, first three digits of SSN, and 4 digit birthday.

Example of username and password for Blackboard:

Name:      John A. Smith
UVa email: jas2g@virginia.edu
SSN:       036268791
Birthday:  June 2

username: jas2g
password: js0360602

Thank you,

Richard Lindgren