Computer Requirements

  • Computer technology
    Computer (with CD-ROM drive) using any recent operating system and browser. A few of the operating systems that work for WebAssign are Windows 2000, Windows XP, Macintosh OS 9.x, Macintosh OS X 10.x, Linux, and Sun Solaris.
  • Internet Connection
    Cable, DSL, LAN, or Dial-up.
  • Web Browsers
    Internet Explorer 5.x and 6, Netscape 7.x, Mozilla 1.x, and Safari. Some questions on WebAssign may have HTML that requires additional programs, like Java or Flash. Your browser will indicate if it needs an additional program and will often point you to the URL where you can download the needed files.
  • Software
    Microsoft Office (at least Office 2000 ) - Primairly Word
    Adobe Acrobat Reader - Download Free
    RealOne Player - Download Free