Log In Instructions for UVa Email and Collab

UVa Email
After having submitted your biographic information online and received your UVa email address username and password, you must activate your UVa email since all correspondence will be through your UVa email address. We will no longer use your personal email address. Please click here for instructions on setting up your UVa email account. If you are having issues with your UVa Computing ID, send an email message to scpshelpdesk@virginia.edu or call UVa Help desk. 434-924-4357.

When you register for a course, the student receives the URL link to COLLAB, the UVa instructional website. Students must use their UVa Computing ID and password from netbadge. Netbadge is a security system for UVa. COLLAB is the centrally-supported online collaboration and learning environment (CLE) at the University of Virginia. You will use Collab to access course materials such as the course home page, syllabus, video lectures, chat room, chat room slides, assignments, etc. The course home page also contains important information for you to browse through. You should click on all the radio buttons on COLLAB and the course homepage to familiarize yourself with all the resources made available to you. Please click here to reach Collab.