Computer Requirements

  • Computer technology
    Computer (with CD-ROM drive) using any recent operating system and browser. A few of the operating systems that work for WebAssign are Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Macintosh OS 10.x and higher

  • Internet Connection
    Cable, DSL, LAN, or Dial-up.
    I use Safari as my browser and ComCast Cable provider with a MacBook Pro Laptop with a Zoom Cable Modem 3.0 and Netgear N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router WNDR3700. The router has four 50 GHz inputs for ethernet cable which gives me the speed to donwload videos in less than 2 minutes. This equipment is standard and you can buy it at BestBuy.

  • Web Browsers
    Google Chrome, Safari 9.0, Explorer, and Netscape

  • Frequently asked questions about WebAssign and browsers, Java, cookies, etc.
    Click on
    Some homework questions on WebAssign may have HTML that requires additional programs, like Java or Flash. Your browser will indicate if it needs an additional program and will often point you to the URL where you can download the needed files.

  • Software
    Microsoft Office (97-2004) or 2008 version - Primarily for reading Word and power point documents
    Adobe Reader 9.0 or higher- for reading pdf files - Download Free at Adobe Reader

    Use Quicktime or Realplayer for viewing Lab videos in mov format from course website COLLAB
    Quicktime comes with Mac OS
    For Windows or Mac Download Realplayer for Free at RealPlayer

  • Saving videos on your computer
    You will find it valuable to have all the videos stored on your computer for subsuquent viewing.

    For Windows system
    Hover the mouse over the lecture video and a download option box will pop up or right click on mouse while hovering over the lecture video on COLLAB and then click on Save Link As... Lecture video will be saved on your desktop. You may save all the videos on your computer.

    For Mac OS X system
    1) Download latest version it should be Real Player Version 12.0.0 (1725).
    2) Install RealPlayer with the option install realplayer download agent.
    3) Click on realplayer so that it is running on your computer in the background.
    4) In COLLAB click on the video you want to save.
    5) Click on play on the video.
    6) RealPlayer will automatically open up with a window that gives you an option to download it and save it on your computer.
    Usually it is saved on your desktop, but it could also get saved in your downloads folder. It comes up with a weird name so you it is best to rename it so it is the same as in COLLAB.

  • Hints on improving download speed. Wireless is slower than direct ethernet cable. If you are on wireless, it will take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes
    to download one 50 minute long video lecture file depending on the speed of your modem and router.
    If your router and modem are relatively new, then they are probably sufficiently fast enough or otherwise
    they will limit your speed. If you connect your computer to the modem directly with ethernet cable, then you
    can download much faster - maybe in 2-4 minutes. Direct cable is usually faster than wireless.