University of Virginia Department of Physics

Physics 6060
How Things Work II -- 3 Credits

The home page and syllabus for PHYS 6060 How Things Work II for Spring 2017 is given below. Please read everything carefully and click on the SYLLABUS for more detail about the content. However, it is not final and subject to change. You have to purchase access to the electronic version of the 6'th edition of How Things Work by Bloomfield. The electronic version contains text, animations, exercises, and problems from which the homework assignments will be based. If you have taken PHYS 6050 in the Fall 2016, you will not have to pay again for access to the website. After you have registered I will email you the 6 digit course ID to get access to the electronic text at the website link Wileyplus.com.

An Online Physics Course for High School Physics and Physical Science Teachers
Semester Spring



The requirement for acceptance into the course is that you are licensed to teach in K-12 grades and you have a Bachelors degree from a 4 year College.


To register for a class, click on https://www.www.scps.virginia.edu. and then click on New Students (Defined as not taken a course in 3 semesters) or Returning Students (Defined as have taken a course within 3 semesters).

New Students
If you are a new student, submit the biographic form online to identify you. After you receive permission from UVa via a return email approving you, mail or fax the class registration form to UVa.

Returning Students
If you are a returning student, mail or fax the class registration form directly.

If you need help, call 800-346-3882 and an administrator in the School of Professional and Continuing Studies(SCPS) will answer your questions over the phone.


Tuition for K-12 Educators - Fall 2016 through Summer 2017

Educator in-state residence rate $330 per credit.

Educator out-of-state residence rate $715 per credit.

Registration is open Monday 9:00 AM through Friday 4:30 PM.