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Just Where Does The Money Go?

Graph of cost centers      WE OFTEN get questions about how Woodstock spends its fee income, and we felt that an analysis of the school's budget for April 2000 through March 2001 may be of some interest to you.

     As in the past, the largest amount of income, 28% of this year's budget, is spent on providing financial aid for students who could not otherwise afford to attend Woodstock. Currently, 54% of Woodstock students receive some form of financial aid.

     At 15%, spending on Academics does not include two related but separate cost centers, Music (2%) and Information Systems (7%). The Music program is part of our co-curricular program, and Information Systems provides services to the whole school, not just to academics. If the Academic portions of these centers are added back in, spending on Academics rises to 20%.

     Providing room and board for 390 students is costly; 9% of the budget goes towards staffing, furnishing, maintaining and providing activities within residences. Food services, including labor, accounts for 8% of the budget. The per-student cost of food and boarding for 2000-2001 is approximately Rs. 51,000.

     Of course, in every institution there are conflicting demands for resources, and the administration and Board must remain focused on the school's mission in allocating funds. Our commitment to providing high quality education to a broad cross-section of the Indian and international community, to giving individual care and attention to each student, to maintaining a top-quality music program, and to leading the way in the use of information technology in schools in India is reflected in our allocation of the resources with which we are entrusted.

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