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Woodstock Tiger Tiger's Tales
from times gone by

WS Nimrods Hit the Big Time
from the April 10, 1951 issue of The Tiger,
edited by Judie Schiller

     Mr. Owens and Chris Appleby made the big league hunting circuit during the winter vacation. Mr. Owens got a kakar (barking deer), a sambur (elk), a spotted deer, a leopard, and a tiger. That is really too much for an amateur to get in his first season, but he had beginner's luck.

     Chris did all right, too...[He] was sitting on the ground leaning against an ant-hill waiting for a deer to come out of the jungle. Out came a big boar. Chris gave him a load of buckshot. The boar took off -- straight for Chris. Chris fired again; then jumped up on top of the ant-hill, about two feet high. Two more shots. By then the boar was only twenty-five yards away. Chris was beginning to wish he was on top of something higher than an ant-hill, especially since he had only one more round left in his gun. Fortunately, just at this time the boar decided Chris meant business, so he turned around and headed back toward the jungle. Chris, having failed in a frontal attack, fired his last shell in what is known in military circles as a rearguard action. The boar, realizing that the affair was ended, keeled over and yielded up his tusks for Chris' watch chain.

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