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Memories and More

Katharine (Kittu) Parker Riddle, class of 35, wrote a few words about her new book, "A Nourishing Life" published by Pentland, 1999.

The process of writing my autobiography uncovered significances in my life which I'd overlooked during the years of living of it. As I look back, I can see that I've been true to my roots, to the soil which nourished me. It provided the courage to venture forth. From it I gained strength to move into adulthood, to marry, to move from one country to another, from one lifestyle to another, from one group of friends to another and keep the world view which I was originally given.

     From the beginning I was blessed by people of the Christian faith and also by those whose faith included other ways of believing and living. I was encouraged to see potential in people and help develop it. And, I had to do the same for myself. It was important to nourish the abilities I was given, not only those of family and people around me. This realization moved me into work and vision that has enriched and nourished, not only my life but the life of our world.

Mumbai WOSA Gathering

Tom Alter Class of '69,
and Steve Ediger, IT Manager, sing
their very own karaoke version of
Michelle (Beatles) at a WOSA
gathering in January. The
gathering was held in one of
Mumbai's premier clubs, (Not Just)
Jazz By the Bay
, owned by Sanjay
Narang '81. Many thanks to Sanjay
for his excellent hospitality.

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