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Alumni Office Goes Digital

     A PROJECT conceived of and made possible by Ed Wiser, Class of '48, the Development Office is embarking on the mammoth task of moving its rich archive of printed materials, including yearbooks, newspapers, Quadrangles, pictures and other documents, onto the more permanent medium of CD-ROM. Not only will this process help us to preserve these artifacts more effectively, but we will be able to distribute them more readily and begin the process of indexing their contents.

     Ed Wiser and other members of the Class of '48 donated the funds needed to purchase a computer system with a CD-Writer, scanner, necessary software, and some blank CD's to start off with. The system will also be used to maintain the website and for DTP purposes.

p.s. We need YOUR HELP! The school archive is missing yearbooks of 1932, 1933 and 1936. If you or your parents have one of these stashed in the attic, could you please lend it to us for scanning, so that we have a complete CD? If you are able to help with this, contact KWI or the school to arrange delivery.

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