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Well Trained: Winter Tour 2000 Chugged Along Smoothly

Bethany Kriss, Grade 12, reports:
     NINE Woodstock students, two chaperones, and one travel agent set out on December 28th , on a wintry tour that would take them all around India.

     The tour is a part of Woodstock's SAGE Program. This year's participants were: Meg Klepack, Bronwyn Lutz, Meghann Adams, Rahul Cherian, Megan Dahs, Julia Grav; Maya Rao, Kate Whitcomb, and myself, with chaperones Dr. Whitcomb and Mr. Hinz.

     So what would possess someone to take a trip like this? "To find out the maximum number of kilometers a person can actually travel on a train in a month" Says Meg (9354 km).

     The tour traveled across most of the country -- Agra, Varanasi, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kovalam Beach, Cochin, Mysore, Mumbo and Rajasthan.

     Among the many destinations, there were some clear favorites. "Probably the camel ride in Jaisalmer," says Meg. Kate says, "Kovalam Beach was nice, burl have to say I liked Pizza Corner more."

     While everyone enjoyed themselves, there were some annoyances. "I got tired of not having a hot shower, indecipherable guides, and too many temples," says Meg. For Kate, "Rahul and his stupid camera." You'd get sick of someone who took 18 rolls of film too.

     We learned a lot about the country, and each other. "Actually, we're all still friends. You may think by this point we'd be sick it each other, but we're just nod" says Kate. It was an experience none of us will forget.

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