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New Staff Join the Team

     THIS semester we welcomed some fine new staff to Woodstock. As always, they bring fresh input and energy to the community.

     On the teaching staff, Chris Betts has come from England to teach Middle School English and Drama. Louise Bamber, also from England, is teaching in the elementary school and heads the new Beginning Strings group. A national level basketball player, Amrita Jasmine has joined the PE department full-time. From Carey Baptist School in Melbourne, Australia, Rev. Jillian Stewart has joined us to teach social studies and religious education in the Middle School Dick and Melita Graber, who taught here in the 60's, were forced to return to the USA for health reasons almost immediately after their arrival. Dick's Chemistry classes were picked up by Sarah Voss, who was a student teacher during the Fall semester. Frani Kieffer joined the English department for the third quarter as a student teacher from Augustana College in South Dakota, USA.

     We have three alumni volunteers this semester; Archana Uniyal `96 is working in the Quad Library, Briana Noble `95 works at the Community Center, and Madhura Karle `97 works in the Computer Technical Support department.

     We are pleased that after prolonged vacancies both the Chaplain and Food Services Manager positions were filled this semester. Having highly qualified staff to take care of both our spirits and our stomachs, we anticipate increased levels of satisfaction in our community!

     Reverend Sharon Sauer comes to us from Sacramento, CA, where she was a youth pastor in a Presbyterian church for ten years. Sharon is married to Lesley Sauer, Class of `60. Prior to her ordination, Rev. Sauer was a teacher. She brings a strong commitment to encouraging youth on their spiritual journeys.

     From Mumbai comes Ivan David, who has already livened up the dining experience at Woodstock considerably. With 13 years of hotel and hospital food services experience in India and overseas, Mr. David is working to increase the efficiency of the kitchen staff, and to prepare a variety of nutritious foods.

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