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Library Turning Over a New Leaf

The new arched entrance to the 
Vera Marley Library brigtens up the entire space.  
The circulation desk is now at teh library entrance      WORK began this winter on upgrading the Vera Marley Library in the High School to create a model multi-media library by integrating printed materials, computer-based resources, and study areas into one space.

     The physical renovation began with merging of the main library, study hall, computer research area, and an adjacent classroom. When the project is complete, all books will be on one level with computer carousels interspersed to help with research and writing. The adjacent classroom has been renovated into a computer lab with 20 stations, used by classes needing both computer and library access.

     Librarian Brian Wilson says that apart from the layout being "more attractive and inviting, it is also convenient to have everything on one floor." T.Z. Chu, a visiting alumnus, said "One has the feeling of airiness, brightness, and relaxed environment that was lacking previously. The new library literally `invites' the students to come and use and enjoy the facilities. What a dramatic improvement it is."

     The upgrade, which is being funded by WOSA-India, also includes a large increase in the bookstock, the building of Hindi and Korean book sections, and expansion of multi-media resources.

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