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Mussoorie Winter Festival:
Millenium Carnival

Angelo Daimari, Grade 11, reports:
     THIS winter the residents of Mussoorie were treated to a carnival heralding the coming of the new Millennium. The Mussoorie Winter Festival, also known as the Millennium Carnival, was held in town from the 24th of December 1999 to the 1st of January 2000. Although winter festivals have been held a number of times in Mussoorie in the past, this was one of a kind. There was far more participation from different sections of Musssoorie.

     Even though Woodstock was officially closed because of the winter vacations and all the students had gone back home, it was still actively involved in the organization of the carnival.

     Tom Alter Class of '69, alumnus and a prominent Bollywood actor, was the chief guest for a number items in the carnival. There were numerous games and sports held. Mr. Wechter took part in the marathon and won a prize for being the oldest participant to complete the run.

     A souvenir booklet was brought out to mark the occasion where notable presidents or ex-residents of Mussoorie recounted their experiences and memories of this enchanting hill station.

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