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News and Notes . . .

Winnter Major Remodeling Projects Completed
      Woodstock was a busy place this winter, with several facilities undergoing improvements. AlterRidge ding room received a new Kota stone floor, an acoustic tile ceiling, improved dishwashing facilities, and more sinks. Delayed by the snowfall in February, a new generator was installed to provide more study power to the campus. Also completed were the remodeling of the HS Library, the Early Learning Center, and the Community Center.

Senior Girls' Soccer Team
     For the fourth year, the girl's soccer team traveled to Delhi to play the American Embassy School. Only two weeks after school opened, and with Hanson Field still buried under snow, they a succeeded in holding their own, losing the first game 0-2, and winning the second 2-0. They also played a friendly match against Vasant Valley School in Delhi, which ended in a goalless draw.

New Ensembles Attract More Music Students
     Upon his arrival last July, new Music Department Head Charles Lloyd found his department unable to meet the demand for private lessons. His solution was to form a Beginning Band in which the basics of music are taught and which is open to anyone who can find an instrument to play. When ready, students move into the Intermediate or Advanced Bands. Private lessons are now restricted to intermediate and advanced students.
     This semester the music department introduced a Beginning String group that provides the same opportunity to students wanting to learn a string instrument. Qualifying players can move into the Junior Strings, Intermediate String or Orchestra ensembles.

NESA Math Competition Victory
     The math department is pleased to announce that Grades 11 & 12 placed first in the Near East South Asian Association of American Schools math competition. Over 28 schools competed in this contest. The last time we won first place was in1994-1995.

Information Technology Meeting Hosted
     In March, Woodstock hosted the first of several meetings of Headmasters, Information Technology coordinators and teachers from Mussoorie and Dehra Dun schools. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss mutual vises and needs in the area of educational technology. The meeting was very much appreciated by the participants, and Woodstock will continue to provide IT professional development opportunities.

Professional Development
     Elementary and Middle school faculty were able to benefit from the experience and expertise of Vera McIlroy, a trained facilitator and Woodstock’s Grade K-2 teacher, when she ran a course on "Literacy and Learning" on 4 Saturdays in Mach and April at a local hotel.
     Developed jointly in Australia and the U.S., the course explored the nature of and latest research in learning and language and helped staff to explore their own philosophy and practice. Through practical sessions staff were able to devise and investigate ways to support students to become effective readers, writers and spellers.

New Boarding Rules for Grade 2 Students
     The minimum age of acceptance into boarding has been lowered to 2nd grade for children write sings at Woodstock as of July 2000.

Child's Play on Mt. Hermon
     The theme for Big Brother/Big Sister Day this March was „Fairyland, and it was held on the scenic Mt. Hermon Flat, Re NHS organized games and other activities to keep both high schoolers and elementary kids occupied for a fun-fed six hours.The weather was cooperatively sunny. The day ended with a special tea.

New High School Lounge
     March saw the opening of the new High School Staff Lounge, a very tasteful and well-lit space located in the old industrial arms room. The Class of 49, in celebration of them 50th graduation anniversary, contributed the funds that made tai possible. The new lounge houses comfortable rattan sofas and tables in one half of the space and 15 individual carrels (units of a desk and bookshelves) around the perimeter of the other half. At the center of the carrel area, there is a large octagonal computer workstation, which holds eight computers. A new and highly appreciated feature is the acoustical ceiling with recess florescent lighting fixtures. It provides dramatically better light and sound proofing. The industrial arts workshop has been moved to the basement of the Media Center building.

Woodstock Shines at Interschool Meet
     In October at the Inter-school t rack and field competition at Wynberg-Allen, the Woodstock senior girls blew away their competition, finishing first. Julia Grav, a SAGE student in Grade 10, won the Senior Girl's Individual Best Athelete award.

New Server Up and Runnnnnning
     The Information & Communications Technology department has installed a new server made possible by a donation firm KWL This server gives each student and staff member storage space and provides faster e-mail services.

MSA Reaccreditation Received
     In November 1999 it was confirmed that Woodstock School was accepted for K-Grade 1 2 reaccreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools (MSA) under their new "Accreditation For Growth" protocol. Woodstock was tied with the American Embassy School in Delhi as the first schools in India to recieve this internationally-accepted American accreditation. This was also the first time accreditation was sought for the elementary K-Grade 5 program.

Comedy Reigns in Parker Hall
     In November, 1999, the major play was The Princess Bride, cleverly adapted from the movie into a musical by Director Lucinda Malgas and student directors Hannah Baymham and Jonathan Seefeldt. The ordinal music score was composed and performed by a staff and student jazz band.
     Performed on Nov. 12th & 13th, the play starred senior Daniel Smith as Wesley and sophomore Nai Laicer as Buttercup, young lovers who are separated by the evil prince Humperdink (Kanishka Bannerjee) who wants to marry Buttercup. Wesley 4 ailed by the sword fighting Spaniard Inigo (Nirwan Moktan) and a brainless giant Fezzik (John Hudson) in vanquishing the prince and winning his bride. A brilliant sword-fighting scene (a Principal's nightmare) was choreographed by senior Dok-In Kim. The stage crew also worked hard, building a tremendous number of sets, induding a boat.
     March witnessed the comic drama, Arsenic and Old Lace, starring Bronwyn Lutz and Ariadna Khafizova as elderly women on a bizarre mission of mercy. Nirwan Moktan, Hannah Baynham, Dance Russell, Sahajo Haertel, and Hai Dang Nguyen added lively complications to their mad world. As usual, some "stock masala was added for a very enjoyable experience.
     The production was Mrs. Kate Kettler's first as director at Woodstock. Stage and AV support for the production was ably provided by Mark Bradby, Class of 95, and an excellent student crew.
     There is a rumour that the two ladies in question are residing in Landour, and that there is still room in their cellar...

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