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Mela 2000 MELA 2000: Across Time & Space

By Haruko Ueda, Grade 11

     THIS semester Woodstock School has decided to combine the International Day and the Spring Sale. It is called "Mela 2000" and it will be on May 20th. The Mela is planned to celebrate the richness and diversity of our community that consist of people from over 22 different countries and regions. It involves all students and teachers and some parents. Students and teachers alike are enthusiastically anticipating.

     Mrs. Jeffery who is responsible for the United Kingdom group said, "It is a fascinating project for us and it helps us to learn about cultures of different countries." She also wants to share the richness of U.K.'s ever increasing diversity.

     One of our Korean students said, "The project is a good idea because it unites the school together and all of us get to interact with different levels of school." The Korean group is planning to share tae-kwong-do folk dance, national food, traditional games, and both traditional and contemporary music.

     However, there are some students and teachers who joined country groups different from their nationalities. Dr Lehman, the school guidance counselor, chose the Tibetan group because he has many associations with Tibetans and has developed interests and appreciation towards the Tibetan society. He said, "I hope to make the whole community aware of the Tibetan culture and their situation."

     American student Kathryn Little chose to join the Middle East group. She said, "I chose this group because I grew up there and so I am familiar with the area." Jessica Braid, one of our Australian students, chose the African group because she wanted to further explore African art. She said, "I think Africa is very interesting even though I don't really know much about it."

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