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College Prospects for 'Prodigy', Class of 2000

     APRIL is a month full of anticipation and anxiety for seniors who have applied to colleges outside India. As they return to the dorms after school, a letter in their cubbyhole from a college could mean an opening or closing of a door in their future.

     Woodstock has an excellent track record for college placements, and this year is no exception. The graduating class of 75 has already won seats at some outstanding colleges. As usual, many of these placement offers include financial aid.

     Notable for the quality of her offers is Ariadna Khafizova from Russia, who has received acceptance letters with very generous aid offers from Yale University, Wellesley, and Hamilton!

Congratulations to the
Class of 2000!
     Colleges and universities that members of the Class of 2000 have been accepted to include:

Baldwin Wallace University
Bard College
Brandies University
Cornell University
Florida Tech
George Washington College
Georgetown University
Goshen College
Hamilton College
Hiram College
Indiana University
Knox College
Lafayette College
Maryville College
McGill University
Messiah College
Mt. Holyoke College
New York University
Northwestern University
Reed College
Smith College
St. Olaf's College
Taylor College
University of Southern California
Washington and Lee College
Wellesley College
Wheaton College, Boston
Univ. of Wisconsin
College of Wooster
Worchester Polytech. Institute
Yale University

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