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Mussoorie Musings

Leaf THE HEAT from the plains has finally reached our mountain top after a long and cold winter, bringing back warm nights, the songs of birds, flowers, and our good spirits. A quarter had already raced by, filled with a year's worth of activity. Settling into my new position as Development Officer, I've been setting goals for the next few years, building relationships with other administrators, KWI, WOSA, alumni, and the many others on whom Woodstock depends.

     I love the mixture of tradition and freshness, of continuity and vision that permeates the daily workings of this office. Visitors bring their own memories and insights to add a piece to the mosaic that is the Woodstock experience.

     Although Woodstock School is under-going continuous change in staffing, its Board, its physical facilities, and its curriculum, the change is organic, rooted in 1 50 years of history. It is like the big old oak in front of my house that lost some massive branches in the snowstorm, and is sprouting new ones now, but is still very much the same old tree. The loss of large branches was tragic in one sense, but has opened up the view of the Doon tremendously, and makes way for new growth. Nature's way of cleaning out the closet is often very dramatic u p here.

     This issue is full of news; I am somewhat overwhelmed by how much there is to write about. Not getting side-tracked is a constant challenge, and we try to stay focused on our students, the true measure of our success.

     We were saddened by the death of Crena Aurora's husband John, on February 22, 2000. He caught pneumonia during the intensely cold week following the snowstorm. Crena was also ill, but has since recovered, and is back in the office again. She really appreciates all of the support she received from friends around the world.

     On a different note, we are pleased to have Nigel Kumar, Class of '92, arrive to help with publications and public relations.

     In closing, please come back and visit anytime, bring your stories, and we'll keep the kettle on.

Sharon Seto 79

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