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Early Learning Center Opens

By Bethany Kriss & Jessica Braid, Grade 12

Photo Above: Mrs. McIlroy 
gets the audience involved during the ELC dedication      ON MONDAY, February 21st, the new Early Learning Center was opened on the ground floor of the Quad School. The Center was dedicated by Deputy Principal Mr. Mark Shaw-Hamilton as parents, teachers, and students looked on. .The two-room complex is now home to ECP through second grade.

     The move from the third floor has been much appreciated by staff and students alike. "We don't have to walk up those heavy, heavy steps anymore," says Sheena Jelaji from ECP. The students really enjoy their new classroom. "We do counting, spelling, reading and play Bingo," says second grader Julie Smith.

     Aradhana Roberts says, "I like the listening post". The listening post is an audio-visual center, one of the many new centers around the room, such as math, reading, and spelling, where can students learn at their own pace.

     With the new setup, teachers Vera Mcllroy and Louise Bamber are able to concentrate on the individual student to better prepare them for their further education.

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