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Community Centre Begins a New Life

Center residents relax on the weekend      AFTER many years of sporadic use and decay, the Community Center is once again a vibrant and attractive place.

     In early February 2000, following six months of renovation, the Community Center opened as a small, mufti-age residence for 30 Grade 10 to 12 girls. Made possible through the generous donations from WOSA-North America's annual fund drive, the building will serve as air overflow residence for Midlands during its two years of renovation.

     The Community Center is a testbed for the model of smaller, more homelike residences that Woodstock hopes to implement for all boarding students. The project is receiving top reviews from the students living in Community Center.

     Dechen Khangkar, Grade 11 reports:
     Walking tip the winding bath to the Community Center from school one is struck with a curious pleasure at the peace and solitude such a place suggests. The expansive basketball court leads up to the impressive building. It is surrounded by trees and large boulders creating the feel of a building nestled in the woods yet radiating safety. Only the murmurs of die girls sunbathing or reading on the large rocks interrupt the quiet. Simple yet sturdy 
wooden furniture in the Community Center enhances the  decor

     However, as one steps into the marble and wood interior of the newly refurbished Community Center the atmosphere is of an [++Page 3] entirely separate nature. The smells of cooking emanate from the easy accessible kitchen as bearejis bustle around preparing dinner whilst reasoning with girls attempting to filch more fruit. Others pad up and down the gently curving marble stairway and often boisterous laughter greets them from their rooms. One cannot help but compare the nurturing and homely feel of the Community Center to the cold and often dreary "pigeon-hole rooms of Midlands.

     Dorm Parent and Woodstock alumnus Briana Noble (Class of 95) said, "I am very grateful to have die opportunity to provide a more homely, brighter setting for the girls." The Community Center girls are equally appreciative of the one-to-one contact they have with the Dorm Parents, Virginia Strom and Briana Noble, and with each other. The often fanciful concept of Woodstock being a large family has never been truer than at the Community Center.

     Junior and Community Center resident Minal Mehta said, "I am so happy that the Community Center has become a reality ...it feels like a home away from home." It is the hope and desire of the girls still languishing in ancient Midlands that the Community Center will be used as a model after which a new and improved version of Midlands will be constructed.

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