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Board Approves Large Increase In Library Budgets for 1999-2000

THE VERY mention of the word "books" causes different reactions. Some people thrill to the interesting, real or imagined experiences that await them. Others groan at the pages they are required to read when they can think of more active things to do.

Woodstock librarians think the world of books holds many treasures. The school's commitment to the world of books and reading has led the Principal to increase the library budget substantially for this year.

The Quad Library has been the major beneficiary of the budget increase. A total of Rs. 950,000 will be shared between the two libraries.

The budget increase has brought an accompanying responsibility for the school community to ensure the money is spent wisely.

The awareness of this responsibility has led the librarians and other willing staff to invest time in the Library Committee meetings which represent all school interests to plan book purchases.

High School librarian Brian Wilson and Mrs. Denise Jeffery devised questionnaires which were circulated to staff and students in an attempt to discover perceptions about the libraries. Having the whole community of students, teachers and staff offer opinions about the libraries gives a sense of joint ownership and responsibility for the libraries.

The routine work of the libraries continues, of course. Head Librarian Brian Wilson, Rosemary Braid, Subhashini Timothy, and Esther Arthur continue~ to provide reference services for staff and students. The team is also currently engaged in entering all of the books into the new library automation system.

Senior English teacher Bryan Powles' recent senior literature symposium meant, for example, that students spent a considerable amount of time researching about their chosen authors.

Both libraries have access to the Internet and to CD-ROM based resources, with full-time research assistance for both staff and students. Having access to such a wealth of information has improved the quality of research being done.

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