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News and Notes . . .

CLICK for photos of the run and Days CROSS COUNTRY interhouse races took place on September 14. They were delayed twice due to rain but 174 participants took part, compared to 121 last year. In the Quad School, Condors were first, Eagles second and Merlins third. In High School, Merlins were first, Eagles second and Condors third. The interschool competition was run on September 18. Steven 0'Rafterty was Woodstock's highest place-getter with third in the senior boys division.

"JAI HIND" was heard in the flagpole area on August 15 as Woodstock gathered to celebrate Indian Independence Day. Celebrations began on Friday with a traditional sit-down meal, followed by a cultural evening with Indian dance and music. Celebrations culminated on Sunday with the flag raising ceremony. Korean Independence Day, also August 15, was celebrated with Korean dance and music on Friday night.

ON AUGUST 28 NHS transformed the quad into a maze of games and activities for Big Brother Big Sister Day. The theme was "Superheroes" and NHS members dressed as heroes like Flash Gordon and Cat Woman. The program included pillow fights, dance competitions, fighting super heroes and rescuing Big Brothers and Sisters from jail.

DODITAL. Yammunotri. Rajasthan. Punjab. Manali. Dharamsala. These are some destinations Woodstock students headed to this Activity Week. The whole school participates in this week and different grades visit various parts of India on cultural, religious and educational tours.

DORM accommodations, have changed slightly this year with grade 6 boys and girls remaining at Edgehill with elementary Grades 7-9 are still in Ridgewood (boys) and AlterRidge (girls). Social activities have been adjusted to suit the new arrangements.

GRADE 9 students were welcomed into high school on Friendship Day, a day designed to build relationships between seniors and under classmen. Seniors dressed their assigned student up and got them to perform duties for them throughout the day, followed by dinner and dancing for the two classes in the evening.

TOM KIDDER (ex-staff) tells us that the Woodstock video, "Woodstock School: Mussoorie, India," received an honorable mention for "Distinguished Achievement in the Category of Individual School--Audio/Visual Media," from the National School Public Relations Association (NSPR) in the U.S. This is the school video, 18 minutes in length, that was filmed in 1998 by Tom Kidder. It is available from the Alumni Office for those wishing to purchase it.

TAX EXEMPT status, 80(g) as it is known, is now available to Indian alumni giving money to the school. This allows WOSA-India members and any friends of the school to receive income tax credit for gifts they give the school. Mr. Tewari, Vice Principal for Finance and Estate, who worked with the school auditors to obtain this certification said, "it has taken a number of years to apply for and receive this status, which should be of great benefit to the fund raising efforts of the school."

INDUSTRIAL ARTS equipment ordered on the last ASHA (American Schools and Hospitals Abroad) grant, arrived in mid-May. A new industrial arts shop is being set up on the ground floor of the Media Center. The bottom floor had not been completed at the time of construction but was finished in late April in time for the shipment of tools. The old industrial arts shop which will become a new staff work room thanks to the 50th Reunion gift of the Class of 1949.

Photo (top): Grade 6 girls start their cross country race. Photo (centre): Big Brother Big Sister Day. Photo (above): Friendship Day.

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