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New Developments in the Elementary School
By Vera McIlroy (KG, 1 & 2 Teacher)

THIS YEAR (1999-2000) Woodstock Elementary School has introduced a multi-age, Early Learning classroom that includes grades Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2.

The curriculum is based on modem educational research and gives priority to literacy and numeracy in these early years of education. These young students will be listening, speaking, reading, viewing and writing. They will be estimating, measuring and counting; investigating; designing and producing. Each week they will have two sessions in a Perceptual Motor Program. The weekly timetable also includes music, art, computer and physical education taught by specialist teachers.

During the first semester, two classrooms on the ground floor are being converted into an Early Learning Center which will be set up as a well-equipped modem classroom for this age group. We hope to begin second semester in this lovely new environment. The new classroom will have doors leading directly outside, bathroom facilities, and internal fittings that will allow the setting up of many learning areas to meet the students' needs and interests. These will include a listening center; writing center; computer center; word games center; big book center; estimating and measuring center.

This new classroom requires a great deal ,of equipment that is not available in India. A list of needs has been drawn up and it is available from the Development Office.

We hope than many friends of Woodstock will want to help us establish a well-equipped modern classroom for these young learners.

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