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Cate's Corner....

Hello to all for a final chat.. It has been a privilege to be the one who could write to you twice a year as the "Alumni-in-charge" from here at Woodstock. Although in describing WOSA members, in general, I remind people that we are, as a group, not enamored of letting anyone be in charge! But it has been a special thrill to get to know more of you, visit you in various places around the world, and to learn about Woodstock and India as an adult.

Since you received the last Brown & Gold I have had the great good fortune of attending the WOSA reunion held in Rhode Island in July and the one in England in September. The reunion in the U.S. was well attended and especially well organized by the local committee. The reunion in England, the first one to give alumni a chance to visit over a weekend, was in the remarkable setting of Gonville and Cauis College at Cambridge. Forty of us enjoyed an afternoon of presentations, an Indian banquet in the historic dining hall of the College, and then toured some of the colleges in the morning. There were 3 sets of WOSA-North America visitors who had seen the ad in the Brown & Gold in May! It was a stellar event which I hope WOSA-Europe continues to make available!

We have printed one more book that may be of interest to some of you, a new edition of Woodstock School. The First Century, 1854-1954. There were only a small number of copies still extant, with only two here at the school. The new edition includes all the original photographs and a brown and gold cover. Now you can get both Volume I and II of the history as a set.

It seems that these last three years have gone terribly quickly and at the same time have become a good and healthy extension of the many other years spent here so long ago. Jack and I leave Woodstock in December, finishing the three year commitment we had made, wiser, happier, richer in friends and memories, and more dedicalt6d to the continuance of Woodstock than ever before.

Each semester there is news of staffing. I am happy to report that Naz Nagarwalla (married to Darab '80) is managing the data base on returning from her maternity leave. Mrs. Aurora continues as office coordinator. I hand over the baton to Sharon Seto (Class of '79) at the end of this term. You will hear from her next time as your "Alumni-in-residence" here at Woodstock. I wish her all the best of times and thank all of you for your support for Woodstock! Cate Design

Cate Whitcomb
Class of 1966

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