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Changing of the Guard

THE BOARD of Directors appointed Mr. Mark Shaw-Hamilton to the newly created post of Deputy Principal at the March 1999 meeting. He had served as Head of High School for the past year. The Deputy Principal's office is located next to the Admission Office in the administrative area.

Mr Shaw-Hamilton's duties are far ranging and include the day to day monitoring of the academic and residence hall programs as well as responsibility for strategic planning for the future direction of the School. He says his days are long but rewarding.

The Head of High School post is now filled by Mr. Dale Seefeldt, a Woodstock graduate from the Class of '64. Mr. Seefeldt had been Director of the ESL program, and has served on the Board. His four children have all attended Woodstock as well. Mr. Seefeldt's extensive background in India and relationship with Woodstock have made him the ideal choice to serve as the new Head of High School. Mr. Seefeldt said, "It's enjoyable to see the high school from the administrators' side after years of seeing it as a student, board member and parent."

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