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We Keep Coming Back: Maybe for the Food?

Not many graduating seniors would list "working at Woodstock" as a future goal, yet many of us find ourselves drawn back to do just that. 'To be able to give back to the We Keep Coming Back: Maybe for the Food? community that has given so freely of itself' is the most common reason given by alumni returning as staff. Others return to the one place at which they feel 'at home', still others to have their children take advantage of the unique sort of education that Woodstock provides.

This year, three more alumni have joined the nine already on staff. Ashish Sethi, '92, manages the Quad Computer Lab and works at Ridgewood; Mark Bradby, '95, teaches Physics and heads up AV; and David Raskino, '97 is a computer programmer and technician. Knowing their way around means that they were able to 'hit the ground running', and have been able to apply their understanding of the inner workings of the school to their jobs.

Alumni have traditionally returned to visit and to work. Not only do they share their talents freely, but they demonstrate a fierce dedication to the mission of the school. This year's new alumni staff is no exception. If any alumnus that you know of wishes to 'give back' to Woodstock by joining our staff, contact the Principal, David Jeffery, at: principal@woodstock.ac.in. For information about available positions and to request an application, see us at our website: http://www.woodstock.ac.in.

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