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One Act Plays
By Hannah Baynham Gr. 12

THE rush of being backstage, you know your time has come. This is it, what you have been practising for weeks on end. Long after-school rehearsals trying to put on the "perfect"show.

You have two chances. And then it's over. The lights go on and you begin. Your goal is to entertain and make sure your character stirs the most laughter amongst the audience. You have a time limit though, one act, one act of fame.

On May 23 the performance of the one act plays was a huge success. The three short plays were student directed and acted. "Car Wash", "The Actors Worst Nightmare" and "The Still Alarm."

Directors Rachel Smith, Seth Whitten and Sophia Muthuraj all worked hard to make sure the actors knew their lines yet had fun at the same time. Actor Ryan Rooks said, "It, was -lots of fun. It was great to see students take initiative." Drama teacher, Erica Eklund, allowed the student directors great freedom, acting as consultant where needed.

Although the one act plays were performed on the same weekend as the Woodstock Sale "Himalayan Highs" and Woodstock's version of a Hindi film, "Sub Kuch Hota Hai," there was still a great turn out.'

"Theatre is an important part of life," said Woodstock actor and SAGE student Seth Whitten. "At Woodstock entertainment is a must."

And so it is, as budding new actors and actresses took to the stage, creating a one act of perfection.

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