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Spring Drama Extravaganza
By Jamie Alter, Class of '99

This year's WOSA Spring Sale, held on May 22, had an additional feature -- a WOSA Talent Show, full of entertainment and dramatic performances. Held on the night of the sale in Parker Hall, that rustic yet memorable haunting ground of many an Cast and characters of alumnus, the show began with a well-crafted puppet show produced by Chris Green, class of 1990.

Amusingly termed "The Pageant of Sweet Nonsense", the performance delighted the senses with its colorful masks and figurines. Scripted and performed by a group of Middle School students for a MiniClass, it featured unusual and interesting lighting and music which added to the mystique of this creative act. Some puppets were eight feet tall, while some students donned face masks, creating some amazing characters.

Next on the cards was a solo one act performed by Tom Alter ('68). It used background sound effects and light fusion to add to the mood of the piece, courtesy of Mr. Yashovardhan Tyagi, a friend of both Mr. Alter and Woodstock.

The icing on the cake was Woodstock's first 'Hinglish' production -- "Sab Kuch Hota Hai" (Everything Happens), a spoof on Bollywood films. Written and co-directed by John Paulraj and James Alter ('99) the laugh riot entertained all. It even came fully equipped with those essential and evergreen features of every Hindi film -- songs, dances, melodrama, and an action-packed climax! Memorable performances include that of the gangster Ajit, played impeccably by Akash Chelvam ('99) and the typical wealthy father, comically portrayed by Kanishka Bannerjee (2000).

On the whole the evening was appreciated by all and offered a positive break for the those looking for a chance to let it all out and take a sigh of relief. A fitting end to a well-organized day of festivities.

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