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Earthquake shakes Woodstock
on March 29

At 12:35 a.m. on Monday, March 29students and staff at Woodstock were wakened by the tremors of the earthquake that was centered about 130 km from Mussoorie in Chamoli. Chamoli is a small village beyond Tehri, due east and slightly north.

According to Anneli Terry, a senior, most students slept through the tremor which lasted 40seconds. Those who did wake up stood in their doorways as a precaution. After a few minutes everyone went back to bed.

The damage to school buildings is confined to a few small cracks, some caused by the earlier earthquake in 1991. Plaster has fallen from some of those previously repaired cracks.

There was no other disruption to daily life at Woodstock. The electricity supplied from Dehra Dun, which has been erratic recently, was off during the "normal" times which is then covered, for the residence halls and administrative and classroom buildings, by the generator.

Messages from friends, former staff and students, have flooded in on e-mail. The reassurance that friends and family can receive news that all is well is thanks to the new e- mail system put into use lost semester.

The damage reports coming from Chamoli and the surrounding small farming communities is of severe devastation. The Himachal Times for Tuesday, March 30 so that at least 100 people were kill and nearly 300 injured. The quake, the strongest one this century, occurred at a depth over 35 km so was not devastating as it could have bee Seismologists note that after shocks are continuing in the region an might continue for some weeks.

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March 29,1999

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