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Cate's Corner . . .

Dear WOSA,

This column is my chance to have a short chat with all of you about the "this and thats" that make up life here at Woodstock. The things I would like you know, the things that are fun to share, and the contacts we have with many of you.

As you can see from these pages we have had several guest writers for this issue. Astri Ghosh, who had wrote most of the last edition of the B&G, had to return to Norway with her daughter Himali. We miss them both! The staff and students you see listed in the masthead were all volunteers who worked their writing into already crowded schedules. The poetry and writing on page 7 was inspired by activity week trips. A big THANK YOU to all of them for their contributions.

I am excited about all of the things you read about in these pages but perhaps none more than the up-coming Woodstock Sale and the associated events. Tom Alter, who is appearing as our guest sports columnist in this issue, is also the Chair of the Sale Committee. We do have a giggle when we look at each other and realize that we are now the grown-ups and have to pull this thing off just like our parents did for us all those years ago! We hope to see many of the India alums up here at that weekend for the plays, the Sale, the Brij Lai Cricket Match - the whole tamasha!

There was great excitement here on Monday morning, March 8 when Andy Malhan ('88) arrived with the newly printed hiking books - Hiking in the Garhwal Himalayas: A Guide. (See the October B&G for more description.) It is edited by senior students Neha Mangalwadi, Shrute Khare, and SAGE student from last year, Rachel Kriss. As I write this we are awaiting the arrival of the maps and then they will be on sale in the Alumni Office for Rs. 150. I will be taking supplies of the book to the bookstores in the bazaar, in Dehra Dun and in Delhi. I think the students (and Journalism staff) have produced a first rate publication that many people will want to use for hiking and ALL of you will want to own as a keepsake! The "boys" who wrote the first Ophrysia (Jon Jantzen, Titus Presler, Steve Van Rooy and John Whitcomb) where the originators of this project ... we've just updated it and used current technology to produce it! It will be available at both the U.S. and the Europe reunions this year.

I must also thank those of you who have written back to us responding to the May 1998 B&G story " Nag Tibba: Where records are broken." I have read several accounts with interest, wishing that I could shed a few years and try the hike myself. Most recently 17 students, staff and alumni took a midnight, moonlit hike to Sarkanda Devi which led by Sharon Seto ('79).

There are exciting things underway here - we hope you can all join us in one way or another! Wishing you the very best,

Cate Whitcomb
Class of '66

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