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Writings - Cliff. Warmth. The Taj.

by Jogriti Uffamchandani

Leave me.
To do,
To dare,
To tread the difficult path.
That leads upwards, -
To reach
At last,
The goal of life
Where "I" disappear.

by Daijo Tsuchikawa

The Exploratory Hike, such an awesome sounding trip, was the choice I made for Activity Week. I chose this not only because it sounded good, but because I was looking forward to an encounter and adventure. I expected this journey to be cold and challenging.

The first day of the hike was the most memorable day I had. On that day the group walked 13kmandweall felt very energetic. Daniel Smith and I felt like we could keep walking forever and expected the hike to be extremely easy and fun. After four hours of hiking under a blazing sun we reached the next village, Rakcham.

A short while after we arrived at our camp for the night and we were privileged enough to see a beautiful sunset. Then a blanket of cold descended on our camp. By the time we pitched our tents, I was shivering like some addict and my hands were badly numbed. I felt as if my skin was tearing each time I touched the pegs and tent. I began thinking about death, which might come as we went to higher altitudes.

... My problems then were hunger and the cold. After supper, we built a campfire which I will never ever forget. Fire provided me with heat and light. That fire was hope for the future...

...I gazed at the fire all night long. I thought about and confronted my own true nature ... I want ... many other material goods. There is no end to human desire. When I looked into the fire, just the heat and light made me feel so happy, and I was astonished that I felt contented....

The Taj by Sandeep Sakya

amidst the depths of the infernal city
amidst the crowds of merchants and masons
amidst the nights filled with pickpockets and prostitutes
amidst the streets busy with chaotic traffic
lies a single monument of memory
of a long lost tale of love
where two hearts lie, together, forever.

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