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Heating water with a kerosene boiler is the latest innovation in the kitchen at school. The big old black coal boiler was dismantled and the sleek little kerosene heater installed and fired up at the end of February. The bearer whose job it was to break up the coal every morning is happily employed at other duties. The supply of hot water is nearly unending as the reheating capacity of the new boiler is rapid. It is hoped that hot water in the other kitchens will soon be generated by similar heaters.

The Talent Show on March 20 lived up to expectations. The Junior Class, "Prodigy" by class word, created a"Vodiestock Old Students Assylum" and had various characters in wheel chairs, in grey wigs lending their interpretation to the acts as they were presented. It was clever and hilarious!

A memorial and interment service for Win Mumby was held on April 14, 1999 at Woodstock. Mrs. Carol Mumby was present for the laying of the corner stone of the Mumby Gymnasium on which construction is just beginning.

Priya Dinakaran, high school moth teacher took a team of three students, Anna Davidova, Seema Saharn, and Tsering Wangdi to the American Embassy School in New Delhi for an international mathematics competition. Woodstock placed second overall in the competition.

An historic first took place on Saturday, March 19 when Doon School come to Woodstock for an invitational cricket match. The event, held on the new cricket pitch on Hanson Field, took place under warm and sunny skies. In true sporting fashion, Woodstock conceded the victory to the visitors and a lovely time was enjoyed by all!

The Quad Library sponsored a "Reading T" on Friday, March 26 after school. Over thirty students come with a favorite book to present to the other student "tea drinkers." Mrs. Rosemary Braid and Mrs. Denise Jeffery, who organized the event, said they were surprised and delighted by the enthusiasm shown as well as impressed that no two books reported on were the some.

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