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The Woodstock Sale is Back!

Since it's the last year of the millennium why not keep up the tradition of Woodsotck sale? Last year it was dropped from our school activities because of the huge amount of stress it caused the staff who already had enought to do. Even so, it was in demand as many staff and students wanted it back this year. WOSA-India is in charge of the whole event that is called Himalayan Highs. All of the proceed will go to the WOSA-India scholarship.

The Woodstock Sale 1999 will be held on May22. It will consist of a variety of fun activities. Woodstock will also be performing their one act plays, as it is drama weekend. On Saturday there willl be a talent show starring Tom Alter.

The secondary theme of the sale is an Eco Mela. Hiking and climbig on the Garwhal Himalayas will also be featured.

We plan to make this a memorable event that will not be forgotten so be sure to come and enjoy the festivities. During the sale we will also hold a raffle of a Thai air ticket for a scholarship.

Our chief guest will be Ms. Bachendri Pal the first Indian woman to climb Everest. With all the people coming for this event you wouldn't want to miss it.

There will be eating, shopping, student's science projects and stalls, and even an auction. We have things from all over India coming in. Who knows where you'd get a better deal than here at Woodstock?

It is hoped by those planning this Sale that it will live up to the standards of "yester-years" if not surpass them and make this the best Sale ever.

Seema Sharan, grade 10

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