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Curious little man, the deaf dhobi
He can not speak
but has so much to say
The lines on his face tell a story
of struggle, of pain,
The pain he could not hear
The pain he could feel
The struggle of which he knew
No cause

He watches the people
He does not understand
Why they move their mouths
He opens his
He mimics them
A noise comes out
It is a word
They are words
His "noises" are words
he uses them to speak
To himself
And the world goes by oblivious
to this little man
who has so much to say

I tried to pass him on the road
He asked me to walk with him
I felt embarrassed
but not to be with him
This little man
Has told me much
About himself
About myself

I think he likes the sunset

by Matthew Abraham ('96-UK)
for "My Woodstock"

The subject of this poem is Lachmi Chand.

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