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Cate's Corner
Dear WOSA members,
Greetings on a brilliant spring day in the Himalayas. The sky is cobalt blue, the air is crisp, and the new leaves are bursting out trimming the landscape with light green. The rhododendron are at their peak, gleaming red jewels in amongst the greenery.

WOSA-India gave a lovely farewell party to Ron and Patrice Flaming in Delhi on March 21, 1998. Tom Alter, Class of '68, was the MC. Gifts were presented from WOSA-North America and WOSA-India. The event was outdoors under the stars at the Delhi Golf Club, with the Lodi tombs that dot the first fairway illuminated softly. Everyone expressed their deep appreciation to Ron for his support of alumni programs and his recognition of the importance of alumni in the continuing life of the school.

As many of you have already discovered, another Alter, Steve, Class of '74, has just published a book about his childhood titled All the Way to Heaven [CLICK!]. After reading the first several pages I sent Steve an e-mail to tell him how wonderful it is to have someone write "our" story. The details, of course, are his. But you will all resonate to the events and experiences which made up our childhoods, from having brothers or sisters born at Community Hospital, to bewildering trips to the US on furloughs, to glimpses of the bazaar and the tantalizing memory of eating hot samosas, and those last poignant days in Mussoorie before graduation. Thank you Steve for so eloquently recounting your story for us -- you have preserved a part of our own childhoods in the process.

We are preparing to welcome the new principal, David Jeffery, his family [CLICK!], and other new staff. The staff in the Alumni Office has changed once again. We were joined this semester by Mrs. Crena Aurora who is our Office Coordinator. She knows the community better than almost anyone, having worked at Landour Community Hospital for 17 years and at the school for 18! She is a gracious hostess and will welcome each of you when you come to visit. Astri Ghosh, a Norwegian/Indian journalist, also joined us in February and will be taking over the writing and publications from Cathy Kidder. This issue of The Brown and the Gold is being jointly produced by Cathy and Astri. We have been fortunate to have Cathy's skills as writer and editor for these past two years but are pleased that she and Astri could work together for one semester as a transition period. We are also saying goodbye to Rachel Wyon ('69) who has been short term staff this past year. We will miss her and wish her well as she returns to Cambridge, MA, in June. We come and go from the Alumni Office but each person contributes their own unique and special talents for which I am most grateful. Trusting all is well with you and your families. All the best,

Cate Whitcomb ('66-USA)
Alumni/Development Officer

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Advertising in The Brown and the Gold

Why is there an advertisement for Thai Airways [CLICK!] in The Brown and the Gold? Van Chiarakul ('73-Thailand) is the General Manager for Thai Airways in India and Bhutan. He has generously contributed a free round-trip ticket from Delhi to Bangkok for WOSA-India's raffle for their scholarship. In exchange for this most helpful donation we are running the ad in The Brown and the Gold. Thai Airways
Thai Airways

This new policy will be extended to any WOSA member, anywhere in the world, who contributes a gift either as a cash gift or an "in kind" service valued for at least $100 to the school.

If you want your classmates to know about your business and have something you could contribute to the school please contact me in the Alumni Office, or Jane Cummings in the KWI office in Atlanta. Business cards are also welcome. As you might expect, we have to reserve the right not to place ads under some circumstances.

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