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Shakespeare Week celebrated the Bard's birthday with drama, song, dance, posters, models of the Globe Theater and good fun. All the school was a stage with high school Shakespeare assemblies and after-school Middle School performances in the Quad. The celebration was organized by teacher Kathy Hoffman with lots of help from others.

Woodstock's Great Films Series gives students and staff the chance to see good films outside the popular circuit. Recent films include John Ford's Grapes of Wrath, Cinema Paradiso, Picnic at Hanging Rock, The Seventh Seal and The Elephant Man. Before the viewing, the background and artistic merits of each film are presented by a student or staff member.

A record number of Advanced Placement examimations are being taken this May. Sixty-three grades 11 and 12 students will sit for 153 exams in 15 subjects. According to Jim Lehman, "This is the largest group ever of students taking AP's. There is a growing worldwide emphasis on AP'S as more universities are adpoting AP policies."


Woodstock School
8-10 Oct 1998

Over winter break Maintenance worked long and hard. The home economics room was divided, creating a new general classroom and a beautiful new home cc. room with five cooking bays complete with stovetops, sinks and hot water. There are welcome new sewing, storage and work areas as well. The old wiring in the high school was completely replaced-a hard and dusty job as it had been built into the masonry walls. Hostel has a new red stone patio and Midlands, Ridgewood and Alter Ridge were completely repainted. New basketball courts have been completed at Ridgewood and Midlands.

A wish list of resource books was given to the libraries by Li Chu, Class of '59. Two reference sets and five video tapes covering the ancient Mediterranean, African writers, Europe in the Middle Ages and the Etruscans, were brought out personally from the US by Ms. Chu. Of nearly equal delight, on opening the box the empty spaces were found to be stuffed with jelly beans!

The Class of '59Class of '59 put in a good week's work at the school in mid-March during their reunionReunion. Five class members volunteered their expertise in the offices and libraries. Robert Bonham worked with piano students and gave a tremendous recital for the school.

Dance Club is introducing students to innovative, contemporary dance. Organized by art teacher Kaye Goodes, the Club has twice weekly rehearsals in preparation for a joint recital with the Girls Chorus during Concert Weekend (May 29-30). Twenty high school students, girls and boys in equal numbers, are exploring new ways to move.

High school music students are enjoying a new course. Combining composition and music history, Music Theory is taught by Ms. Laura Jeffery, who began her own musical training as a student at Woodstock. Ten students are in the class.

Students and staff from the Otto Hahn Gymnasium in Gottingen, Germany, visited Woodstock in early April. Following three other successful exchanges, 12 German students and two teachers were here for a week to attend classes, visit a slum project in Debra Dun, Tibetan Homes in Mussoorie, and take part in Woodstock's outdoor program.

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