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Life after Woodstock

There's been some debate if there is a life outside Woodstock. Vague memories, unfounded rumors and hazy TV images indicate there may be something of the sort. These intrepid souls are going out to test the waters after several years or longer of service at Woodstock:

Catherine Abraham (Director, Health Center) will remain on the Hillside to work with her husband in various ministries, study Hindi and mother her boys.

The Bulthuis family, Ted (Gr. 5), Barb (Midlands staff) and Tyler, 1, are heading back to the US eight months pregnant in good faith that they'll know where to land before they leap. Ted has good prospects of teaching in several Christian schools throughout the country.

Ron Flaming will take up the post of Executive Secretary for the Mennonite Mission of the General Conference Mennonites, overseeing the various Mennonite mission activities worldwide. Patrice hopes to find a job as a psychiatric nurse in the Newton KS vicinity. Before going home they will visit Woodstock friends in Australia.

Kaye Goodes, (AM PE) gets the prize: after a visit home to Kent, England, she will be teaching sailing on the Mediterranean for four months! Kaye will return in one year to resume teaching.

Kathy Hoffmann (Head of English) is on study leave for two years to gain her MA from Wheaton College in Illinois, USA. Her summer holiday will be spent in Australia and New Zealand with Woodstock friends.

Jay Hutchinson (math, computers) is returning to a Christian community in Daylesford VIC Australia to enjoy his leisure, study music and plot out the next move.

Tom (AV, drama, English) and Cathy Kidder (Development) are going home to West Newbury VT, USA. Tom is planning to teach or do video work and Cathy is hoping to adjust to cooking again. On the way home they will visit Korea. Rolf (Head of Math) and Vreni Kleiner are settling in their former home in Switzerland. Rolf will cycle to school in Winterthur, where he has a teaching position. Vreni will be home with baby Dominick.

Sheena McKean (French) will be resuming her teaching post at Magherafelt, Ireland, from which she took a sabbatical to come to Woodstock.

Anita Paul (residences) will return home to Dehra Dun where she'll help her parents in -their school. Further education and teaching are in her future.

Lisa Schrock (Midlands staff), after a trip to Australia to visit who else but Woodstock friends?- will return to her alma mater, Fresno College in California, to work in admissions and with international students.

Paul Taylor (High School Dean and Head of Science) and Ruth are moving back to Cambridge, UK. There is a perfect job awaiting Paul who will move every rock to find it.

Sharon VanDerKolk (Head of ESL) will catch her brother's wedding in Grand Rapids, Michigan and enjoy her parents' hospitality while looking for an ESL position and working on her MA.

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