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The 1998 second generation gang

(l. to r.): Jeannette Waldok, USA, grew up in Bangalore, India. She is accepted at Cedarville College and will pursue elementary education. Her father, Kenneth, graduated in 1967 and serves as a missionary in Bangalore.

Elizabeth Seefeldt, USA, was brought up in Kathmandu. She plans to go to a liberal arts college and eventually to become a physician. Paul Seefeldt,'68, her father, is presently completing an MA in ESL, Vermont, USA. He will return to Nepal.

Although Bonnie Crider, USA, has spent her life in India that will soon change when she becomes a student a Messiah College in Pennsylvania. Bonnie's mother, Judy, '69, is the Principal's secretary at Woodstock. The Crider family has been here for 18 years.

Rhonda Blosser, USA, has spent most of her life in Guam. She is going to Bethel College, Indiana, and plans to become an elementary teacher. Her dad, John, '68, is currently working with Transworld Radio in Sri Lanka.

Emily Virgin was born and raised in Canada and plans to study early childhood education there. Her father, Bill, was a member of the Class of '64 and currently is a minister and counsellor in Ontario.

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