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Middle School on the go

In their last year in Middle School, the Class of 2002 is taking on unprecedented responsibilities, all voluntarily. The Quad Library is now monitored before and after school and during lunch by grade 8 volunteers. They also monitor the 40-minute after-school detention period for the middle school -- and are quick to point out that their homework was done and they're not the detainees.

On their own volition, the eighth grade has also started a tutoring program for the middle school. Students who feel particularly strong in a given area sign up and those wanting tutoring make appointments. The program is run entirely by students; teachers are not involved in any way but are seeing the positive results in their classes. Susan Downs, Middle School Co-ordinator, says that this class "is very mature and responsible. It'll be great to see what they do in high school with this kind of attitude and initiative."

The Middle School play was a huge success. The End of Riverdale High, an original play written and directed Ridgewood residence supervisor Paul Kemp, was performed by 25 students in grades 6-8 on April 4th. Based on characters from Archie comics, Mr. Kemp got the idea over his years of picking up Archies in the Ridgewood common room. The plot revolves around the evil General Beauregard's (Thejavinuo Keditsu, '02-India) thirst for revenge against Riverdale High, whose football team beat his years ago. Archie (Elinor Pain, '02-UK), Mr. Wetherby (Nadia Mujtaba, '02 Bangladesh/UK) and The Gang save the school from certain environmental disaster with lots of high drama and laughs.

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