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Art: the living line
[See below: Proposed publication to feature Woodstock artists]

Beginning art courses at Woodstock lay the technical foundation for further study, much of which delves into the philosophical basis for individual creativity and perception. Hartmuth Hanisch, Head of A4 guides his advanced students in the maturation of their visual perception.

Starting with representative art students move into abstract art and ultimately to non-objective art where line, form, color, texture -- the elements in a composition -- become "an independent entity to encourage a visual experience," as Hanisch expresses it.

Advanced students put their own theory of art into words. What is art to me? How do I do art? Who shaped my perception? Why do I create art?

The following excerpts are from "A Personal Art Theory" by Lovily Vito ('97- India):

"There is safety in art; it is a mute expression of my inner-most being.

"Art is a God-given world. It is the marriage of the visible and the invisible. Art in its essence cannot be spoken but rather felt. It is understanding, not understood.

"Every piece of art is a partial glimpse of a personal world. Therefore, no one, not even the self, can completely express the 'inner vision'--the force and passion which urges an artist to draw, paint or sculpt...

"As each viewer looks at a piece of art, each will experience their own level of perception. Thus, both the viewer and the artist will not be able to share or grasp each other's unique experience and that's the beautiful mystery of it all... [it] will be a mystery to some but a revelation to those who pursue. The Awe himself dwells in this world of art.

"I paint the harmony and the conflict between my emotions and rationalism. I draw or paint when I want to. This want is like a powerful tide, which comes over me and withdraws as swiftly as it came, leaving a... feeling of awe. These tidal experiences do not last long--feelings fluctuate. Therefore, the best way to capture them is to be consciously impulsive-let the tool echo the words each wave and ripple say in the visual form. In this way I am honest to myself.

"I love to see a living line or dot."

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Proposed publication to feature Woodstock artists

Hartmuth Hanisch, Head of Art, has asked The Brown and the Gold to help him conduct a feasibility study about the prospects of publishing a high-quality book of art works by professional or semi-professional artists who have been students or staff at Woodstock.

He envisions the project to include works on any subject, 2-4 pages per artist with 10-15 contributors. The preface would give a brief history of Woodstock and outline the present day school and its art program. Contributors would also have a write-up on their lives and works. An editorial board is envisioned with Hartmuth as general editor.

The intent of the project is to highlight the range and vitality of artistic creative endeavor in lives touched by Woodstock. Artists interested in participating, please contact Hartmuth through email: mail@woodstock.ae.in

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