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For new students
Tuition Grant established

Woodstock School is pleased to announce the establishment of the Woodstock School Grant Program. The grant will focus on Christian students who show unusual potential as future leaders of the church and Christian organizations in India and whose parents are involved in Christian service in the Indian Subcontinent.

In its mission statement, the school cites its special commitment to serve children of "Christian workers, of families dedicated to service in developing countires and of families working internationally."

The grants were available for the 1998-99 school year. The renewable, annual grant covers 100% of tuition. The family is responsible for boarding costs and a one-time establishment fee for new students.

The grant is for new students who meet other admission criteria. Either or both parents must be citizens of the Subcontinent. The Admissions Committe considers such factors as student demonstration of unusual leadership potential in the church, moral qualities, the nature and length of parents' involvement in Christian service, financial need and the recommendation of the supporting church.

The grant is renewable for the [To page 6] period the student is enrolled at Woodstock, assuming the student continues his or her commitment to Christian beliefs and behavior, and remains in good academic standing.

For more information on the Grant Program, please contact the Director of Admissions.

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