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Midlands girls annex Edgehill

Without room for one more girl at Midlands, residence for the 129 girls in grades 9-12, part of the Edgehill Guest House has been converted into student housing. Fourteen grade 12 girls now call this home. This is a temporary measure as plans are underway for a new or substantially refurbished Midlands.

Why would anyone want to move up to Edgehill, away from activities, friends and all that's dear? The view for a start, and spaciousness, two girls to most rooms, each with its own bath, more freedom and responsibility, a cozy lounge with computer, TV and VCR, their own kitchen, Edgehill's legendary good food and the charming company of all the Edgehill little boys.

The original idea for the move came from Mr. Washington Roy, Director of Maintenance. Mr. Roy saw to the renovations; new wiring in all rooms, a new boiler and new generator.

The former simplicity of the guest rooms has given way to Rajasthani spreads, walls covered with posters and pictures, cushions, rugs, burdened desks and text books. The Edgehill lounge has a new look altogether, with comfortable new furniture, a stereo, message board and TV. The deep verandahs, so inviting for a good read or contemplative hour, haven't changed a bit.

Lisa Schrock, residence supervisor for the annex, credits Mr. and Mrs. Chelvam in orchestrating the makeover. The Chelvams have run the Guest House for seven years, making it the beautiful and peaceful place it is.

How do they like the change of clientele? "We feel just fine!"

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